Apparently the Apple TV can masquerade as a web server too

The second generation Apple TV has some umph under the hood. Sure, you won’t be rendering 3D movies on it any time soon, but it can certainly run Lighttpd and serve up some web content with that A4 chip.

The fine folks over at Mac Mini Vault have taken an Apple TV, jailbroken it with Seas0npass, and then managed to install a web server directly onto the little box. Apparently it’s pretty simple. If you’re familiar with SSH and editing some plist files, you should be able to try it yourself.

For $99.00, this little webserver could certainly find some usefulness around a house. Alright, alright, probably not, but it is pretty badass.  I don’t care what you say.

You can check out the webserver online. It’s currently running It’s under some pretty heavy load right now, so it may take a while to load.

I wonder if I can run our website off of a rack of these things. What do you think?

Article Via MacStories

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