Introduces New Pricing, Monthly Plans, an emerging paid social network, has recently reconsidered their pricing as they’ve dropped their yearly plan to $36 per year. The crew has also decided to give into the requests for a monthly plan as they’ve also announced a $5 per month plan as well. With these announcements, has also said that they’ve accumulated under 20,000 paying members at their old rate of $50 per year. Keep in mind that their original funding goal was only 10,000 users.

So, if you’re an user who signed up before the price drop, what do you get? Well, unfortunately you won’t be getting a refund; however, you will have a few months of extra time added to your subscription.

Personally, I’m glad these price drops have been made. Even though I won’t be benefiting from them directly (except for a few months of extra service), they should help a few more members hop on board. If you’re unaware, is a paid social network that is a lot like Twitter. However, unlike Twitter, isn’t ad-supported and has a lot of developer backing as there are new apps being released every week.

Source: TechCrunch

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