AOL Launches A Google Reader Replacement, In Private Beta

The Next Web has found a beta signup page for AOL Reader, a Google Reader replacement. The signup page doesn’t do much aside from allow users to input their email addresses to request an invite code, and give accepted users a place to redeem their codes. However, when I attempted to signup for an invite, the “Request an Invite” button seemed to be broken on the email input page.

The landing page offers very few details about the service itself. Aside form the service’s tagling, ““All your favorite websites, in one place”, there are no other details given. However, The Next Web looked through the signup page’s source code and found that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ sharing will be supported and that the CSS styles look to offer optimizations for mobile web users.

At this point, the RSS reader market seems to be a bit clogged up with new contenders like Feedly, NewsBlur, and now AOL Reader. With all of this reaction to the shutdown of Google Reader, you’d think that Google would keep the service alive and monetize it?

What’s next, Yahoo! Reader?

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