Angry Birds: The Movie

Angry Birds is one of the best selling iPhone/iPad games to date, with almost seven million downloads.

With Rovio‘s success, they’re apparently looking into more commercial avenues for Angry Birds, such as a movie and/or television show. Most people already know about the great job that the company did with the game’s animation, as well as a trailer that was released. The question is, do they have enough good content for a feature length film?

According to Rovio, they have been approached by several movie studios wanting to make a movie with Angry Birds, and Rovio is seriously considering doing so.

I don’t really think they could make a full length film based on the game. It just seems like a bit much. I could, however, see them making a half-hour television “special” or something similar to that. What do you think? Would you like an Angry Birds movie? Leave a comment!

Article via TUAW.

Image via Rovio.

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