Android overtakes iOS by over 5% in Australia

The Android OS and its fragmented landscape of devices have hit a crucial first in the smartphone war. Google’s mobile OS showed a sales volume that was over 5 percent higher than Apple’s iOS devices in Australia locking in an impressive 42.9 percent of all smartphones sold.

This is pretty impressive, but shouldn’t be that shocking to anyone considering the sheer number of Android SKUs that exist, as well as the number of carriers that carry Android. For Apple to be even competing with its 37.2 percent this month, with four SKUs on limited carriers, is way more impressive. Not to mention that the SKU variances are for color and storage space.

It’s also important to point out that any sign of Apple slipping this month could be entirely due to the pending iPhone 5 expected to be released in September / October / November / December / Year / Decade. Many consumers craving an iPhone may just be holding off to avoid getting locked into a contract before the new device drops.

Apple really has the upper hand here, with rumors swirling about a low cost iPhone that could swoop up cost conscious consumers whose only motivation to adopt Android was the availability of cheaper price points. A free (with contract) iPhone could destroy Google’s hopes of staying competitive in the market.

Another day, another “OMFG Android is destroying Apple” trend report.  It hasn’t happened, and it’s not likely to happen until Google stops for a second and realizes they have a product that is no where near as organic and intuitive as the iPhone. I am not doubting that it doesn’t have a niche market, but the numbers we are talking about are all about the majority. The general consumer, if you will. These people don’t care about open platforms and sandboxing.

Android has always felt to me more like working a calculator than actually interfacing with a device. The iPhone feels more like an extension of myself, as corny as that sounds.

Source: SMH
Via: TNW

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