Android 4.1 Galaxy Nexus ROM Leaked, Available For Download

Are you a Galaxy Nexus user who wants Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but wasn’t able to attend Google I/O? You’re in luck. Rootz Wiki, a popular Android hacking website, has released a leaked ROM for Android 4.1, which works with the GSM Galaxy Nexus as well as the LTE version. While it was previously thought that LTE wouldn’t work with the leaked ROM, Rootz has confirmed that LTE will indeed work.

If you’re unaware, Jelly Bean is the latest version of Google’s Android operating system. Jelly Bean brings many new features to Android such as Google Now and a lightly revamped notification bar. Google announced Jelly Bean at yesterday’s Google I/O event where multiple new products were announced such as the Nexus Q and Nexus 7. As of now, only developers who attended Google I/O have official access to Jelly Bean.

What are the risks of installing this Jelly Bean leak? If you screw up, it’s your fault as this ROM comes without a warranty and will probably void your existing warranty. Most Nexus users who have attempted to install the ROM have reported success, so if you’re itching to try Jelly Bean a bit early, now’s your chance.

Image Credit: xshamx
Source: Rootz Wiki via GGGadgets via The Verge

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