And now, a tour of a fake Chinese Apple store

We heard that these fake Apple Stores scattered around China were pretty amazing knock-offs, but man, I’m pretty sure they would have had me fooled if I was in the country looking to get my Apple on – they nailed the whole vibe, down to the uniforms and store layout.

Speaking of which: these fake Apple Stores in China? They’re just the tip of the iceberg. Knocking off big brands is kind of a thing there. These copycat shops pop up everywhere, and it’s not just Apple getting the doppelgänger treatment. Sometimes it feels like a whole parallel universe where everything looks legit, but you just know something’s off.

And you may ask if this is even legal? It’s pretty wild honestly. These places are skating on some seriously thin ice, legally speaking. They’re in this superposition where it’s not totally clear if they’re breaking the law or just bending it really, really far. It’s a massive headache for the real-deal brands that try to protect their turf. Honestly – it’s a whole mess of legal drama and ethical questions about what’s fair game in the world of global business.

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