American dentist creates fitness app and sees success

Everyone’s creating apps these days: young students, college students, parents, kids, and dentists. Barrier to entry into the App Store is as low as it’s going to get, and if you have a great idea to get behind, success on the App Store is only a submission away.

Just ask Brian Young, the creator of Tracknburn, who is also a full-time dentist in Jacksonville Florida. Young managed to put together a calorie tracking application and in less than one month 13,000 iPhone users managed to download and use his application. That’s not too shabby considering he created it as a hobby, and it’s his first kick at the iOS can.

The application has been well received, and customer ratings on the App Store are polarized like normal (45 5-star ratings; 13 1-star ratings).

The application is currently $3.99 on the App Store, so if you’re looking to track your fitness and burn a couple extra pounds before bikini season rolls around this summer, you might want to check out TracknBurn on the App Store.

Article Via The Miami Herald

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