Amazon Releases Pilots For 14 New Original TV Shows

Amazon has been talking for a while about how it wants to get into the world of original programming to compete with rival Netflix and today that is becoming a reality. Amazon Studios today posted the pilot episode to 14 different original shows, with the intention of using user feedback to find out which ones to keep.

Amazon released six shows in its “Kids” genre, and eight in its comedy genre. The comedy shows include “Onion News Empire”, a show by the folks at Onion News as well as “Zombieland”, which is a continuation of the movie of the same name.

Amazon is offering these pilot episodes for free to everyone, and will then use the stats it receives to help decide what shows it should keep going forward and which ones are duds.

It will be interesting to see if Amazon is able to find a hit in this list like Netflix found in House of Cards.

Check out all 14 shows here.

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