Adobe releases Lightroom and Camera Raw updates

MacWorld is reporting that Adobe has updated both Camera Raw 6 and Lightroom 3. These updates are pretty great if you use these apps in your workflow. If you’re not sure if you need to update right away, here are the essential features of these point releases:

Lightroom 3.2 Updates:

  • Photo sharing with Facebook and SmugMug
  • One hundred and twenty new lens profiles
  • Misc. Bug Fixes and Features Tweaks

Camera Raw 6.2 Updates:

  • Includes support for sixteen new cameras
  • Misc. Bug Fixes and Features Tweaks

These are welcome updates, and I’ll bet quite a few of our readers have been waiting for them to finally launch. Launch your updater, and get your new shiny versions of your favorite photo workhorse apps.

If any of you are having any sort of issue with the updates, please let me know by dropping me a line in the comment section of this post. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people meet a few obstacles, but let’s hope not. *Fingers crossed*

Article Via MacWorld
Image Credit: Adobe

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