Adobe only letting CS5 users upgrade to CS6

Long story short: IF ( Ver < = CS4 ) { FUUUU ($You,$YourWallet) }. So typically when you are about to get bent … Okay, let’s start over. When a company wants to overcharge you for something, they typically like to add a bunch of confusing text to give you that glazed-over look that used car salesmen seem to live and die for these days. Adobe has just pulled the same trick with their “New Choices for Customers” blog post. According to the blog post, Adobe will only be letting CS5 users upgrade directly to CS6.

You can wade through the 510 words, or you can read my summary below:

Blah blah blah, hope you have CS5 if you want to upgrade to CS6 at a discount, blah blah. Don’t have it?  Blah blah, we’ll sell it to you for 20% off so you can upgrade cheaper to CS6.

I may be a simple man, but what are they talking about? Basically, Adobe is saying, if you want to upgrade at a discount, you need to buy up-to-the-version that will allow you to buy up-to-the-next version.  Uhh..  I need a drink.

The blog post does list out some other pertinent info, like the official in ink addition of Adobe Creative Cloud. If you haven’t heard of it before, Adobe Creative Cloud is an initiative that allows users to pay a subscription fee to use the latest and greatest versions of Adobe products, making me wonder why the hell they chose to call it Creative Cloud, since it has little to do with cloud computing.

All of this really means nothing though when you causally mention that there will be no upgrade path from versions before CS5. I guess the old saying about taking us out to dinner first sort of applies, though instead of paying for dinner, they are giving us a 20% coupon to buy our own dinner.

You can check out the blog post yourself, which is linked below and hopefully you don’t get as ticked as I did.

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