You need an administrator account to delete Mac App Store applications

Protecting your investments is important, but requiring a user to enter administrator level credentials when trying to delete an app from the Mac App Store might just be a little bit too much. It turns out that Apple’s happy with App Store users having to input an Apple ID to download the application, but if you need to remove the same application, you need to enter your administrator login and password. Can we say overkill?

Does anyone else feel like the Mac App Store is half-baked and deserves a little more time in the oven? It sure is starting to feel that way for me. I get the logic, but it’s going to be a really chore to remove all of those fart apps once they show up in the Mac App Store.

Update: I want to add some clarifications to this post. Normal users (non-adminstrator variety) still need to enter an administrator login/password in order to install and remove applications from the Mac App Store. If a user is logged in to an administrator account they do not have to insert administrator credentials to install applications, but they have to in order to remove them.  I hope that clears some of the questions up.

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