Adage says Apple is Marketer of the Decade

Adage has come right out and deemed Apple Inc. as the Marketer of the Decade. That’s pretty big news, considering Apple has been a runner up in the “Marketer of the Year” category a whole bunch of times. Looks like Apple’s thinking about the big picture has paid off.  The title is apropos, considering the company has been in the news constantly for the last decade. When was the last time you turned on a TV and didn’t see an Apple advertisement? Up here in Canada, we see them at least twice per hour it seems. Love or hate Apple, you can’t deny that their marketing campaign is second to none.  Everyone knows about their products, and most people lust after them with voracious appetites.  Apple is, hands down, the best marketer in the business.

The commenters on Adage seem to disagree a little, and have me again questioning whether or not comments really further the discussion on blogs. Here’s a couple of doozies:

  • “Maker of routers that need to be reset at least once a week.”
  • “What a surprise; the Kool-Aid factor has garnered Apple another award for its seriously drooping facade!”

Someone needs to tell these geniuses that the article is about Apple’s successful marketing and not the products themselves. I know it’s hard to put personal bias aside in comments, but it would be nice if people could stay on topic.  Denying Apple’s successful marketing strategy is pretty much waving a giant red flag to anyone who reads it, telling them you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Article Via Adage

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