720p video for the next iPhone may be possible


If you’re thinking about picking up a new handheld video camera, you may want to hold off. The iPhone’s going to start shooting video in 720p according to the iPhone 4 Beta SDK. By opening up the video capture data to developers Apple’s encouraging AppDevelopers to innovate and possibly even revolutionize augmented reality applications.

When partnering this particular rumor with an earlier rumor that the new iPhone might carry the brand “HD,” it’s starting to look pretty likely that HD video may be coming to the fourth generation iPhone.

Or, like all rumors, the concept of HD video capture is completely bunk. Preset values in the latest iPhone 4 Beta reference:



Would you do away with your FlipCam or your Kodak handheld video cameras and update your iPhones this summer? It’s a pretty enticing proposition is you ask me.

Article Via Mac Rumors

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