7.5% of iOS Users Have Installed iOS 6.01 Within Just 24 Hours

Ad network and analytics firm Chitika has measured that 7.5 percent of iOS users are already using iOS 6.01, the minor bug-fixing update Apple quietly released yesterday.

This is an impressive statistic as it means that a large number of iOS users are both knowledgeable enough to know that a new update is available and are also willing to install such a minor update.

In comparison, 15 percent of iOS users upgraded to iOS 6 within the first 24 hours of its release. iOS 6, however, was prominently featured in the media as well as in Apple’s own marketing.

Getting users to manually update their products, especially when they’re minor updates, is a big problem for almost all companies, especially when these companies don’t share the luxury of being one of the biggest and most reported on companies in the world.

Apple has a much higher adoption rate for updates than a lot of its competitors.

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