Fifty percent of WWDC attendees support Android, 100 percent prefer iOS tools

If you can put any credence in a survey that only has 45 participants, which may be a bit hard to do, Gene Munster has found that 22 of the 45 developers that attended Apple’s WWDC support development of Android applications. Keep in mind that thousands of developers descended on San Francisco for the event, so it’s hard to put much stock in the findings; however, here’s some of the more interesting things that the Piper Jaffery analyst found in his survey.

According to Jaffrey, 93 percent of developers developed for the iPad while only 7 percent created applications for OS X, and a whole 100 percent were developing for the iPhone. That’s a pretty interesting tell, and it may provide some insight into why Apple’s been looking to integrate iOS into OS X somewhere down the road. While we obviously love OS X, it seems that developers clearly favor iOS more at this point. This could have a lot to do with the lack of an OS X App Store until recently, and the bigger financial rewards associated with creating mobile apps at this point. Again, the survey was only 45 developers, so it’s hardly a decent sized subset of the developer population.

The other two major findings from this survey is that of the developers surveyed, each had an average of seven applications in the App Store. These numbers probably have a lot to do with another question from the survey — 100 percent of developers interviewed believed that iOS is the easiest environment to work in to build applications. This is clearly where Apple’s advantage lies at this point.  By giving developers the best development tools on the market, developers are increasingly likely to keep churning out applications at a fairly high rate. Xcode and the iOS SDK makes things easy for developers, and in turn, developers are making things easy for Apple.  That’s pretty huge, if you ask me.

I know we keep pointing it out, but we really need to hammer home the point that this is only 45 people. There may be some things of interest that Jaffery found, but we need to take it all with a grain of salt. This isn’t exactly a large scale, state of the union type of survey. It’s 45 developers out of a couple thousand who attended WWDC.

Article Via Apple Insider

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