iPhone 5 already managed to convince 41 percent of mobile users ready to switch?

In a study that in my opinion may just be hyperbole, it’s being reported that 41 percent of mobile phone users in North America are planning to switch from their current phone to the iPhone 5. It’s also reported that 50 percent of those users will do so within the first 6 months of the still yet to be announced iPhone 5.

Alongside these numbers, the percentage of users that are likely to migrate to an iPhone 4s if one should be debuted instead of the iPhone 5 on October 4th were also displayed. Should that scenario play out, 15 percent of users are said to be willing to upgrade.

The biggest set of users reported to jump ship will be BlackBerry users with 52 percent of sampled current RIM supporters with their fingers on the trigger to purchase the iPhone 5, and an astounding 28 percent willing to forego BlackBerry Messenger for even an iPhone 4s. SHOCKER!

Source: PRNewsWire
Via: 9to5Mac

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