3rd Gen iPod Touch shows up on eBay


Lose one prototype and it’s a fluke, lose an additional one and it’s a problem. If Jobs was pissed about the iPhone 4G fiasco, he’s gonna be livid that a third generation iPod touch may have found its way onto eBay. The auction, since removed from eBay, seems to have had the DVT (Design Verification Test) label attached to it, much like the iPhone 4G that was taken apart.

The iPod seems to be about a year old, and confirms that Apple’s been working on iPod Touch models that have cameras. I know a lot of people who’ve been waiting patiently for a camera enabled Touch.

I wonder if this “leak” increases the likelihood that Apple presses charges against Gizmodo.  If they don’t make an example of someone, these leaks are going to keep popping up.

Gallery of the iPod Touch


Images Via 9 to 5 Mac

Article Via iPodNN

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