36 hours to develop Lemmings for the iPhone — 36 seconds for Sony to take it down

In just 36 hours, developer Aaron Ardini managed to port the classic Lemmings game from the Palm OS to the iPhone. Ardini live-blogged the entire process, providing continual updates of his progress as well as a few of the hiccups along the way. At the end of the 36 hours, the game was submitted to the App Store, to the excitement of all those who grew up playing the game.

Unfortunately, the excitement didn’t last long as Sony Entertainment (SCEE) quickly sent Ardini a Cease & Desist letter, forcing him to withdraw the game from the App Store and remove free downloads of the game for Mac OSX and Windows. In response, Ardini stated on his website that the whole exercise was merely “a tribute to the game” and indicated he would be open to communications with SCEE to potentially obtain the rights to the game.

I would certainly have enjoyed a few nostalgic rounds of the game on my iPhone, so I hope that some resolution might be reached between Ardini and SCEE. However, I won’t be holding my breath on this one. The best I can do is watch Ardini trying the game out in the video he posted showing off his accomplishment. You can check it out here:

Article Via TUAW

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