27-inch Cinema Displays around the corner, 24- and 30-inch screens discontinued

We already know that we’re getting 27-inch LED Cinema Displays, considering they were announced by Apple back in July, and we already know that they’ll have a resolution of 2560X1440, an iSight camera, a microphone and speakers. What we don’t know is when in September they’ll be shipping.

We’ve seen small hints over the last week that Apple’s gearing up to release the monitors to the masses in the near future, and through small tweaks on their website, we can deduce that the shipment date might be sooner rather than later.

References to the 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display were on display when customizing a Mac Pro. Despite not having an option to select one, the copy on the site did specifically mention the monitor. Now, on international Apple stores, it seems like Apple has discontinued both the 30-inch and 24-inch monitors completely – estimated ship time: currently unavailable.

If you’re looking to buy a sexy new 27-inch display from Apple, you might want to keep your eyes on their website early next week. It’s just a hunch, but it seems like Apple’s about to start taking orders for their new monitor.

Article Via Mac Rumours

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