25 Free iTunes Songs for Canadians.

Want a back to school 2009 sampler pack from Apple?  All you have to do is become a fan of iTunes and the next thing you know, you’ll be getting a coupon code with a bunch of new songs for FREE.  Well, nothing’s free, because you’re allowing Apple access to some Facebook stuff for research purposes, but, no need to freak out about it.  Facebook’s likely already sold your stuff around the internet a million times, so what’s the big deal in giving to Apple?

I thought I’d be getting  a giant pile of crap and a lot of pop music, but I’m actually surprised that it’s filled with some decent music.  They might be using your music preferences and selecting songs to send you by that, but it’s just a guess, since I can only get one coupon code to try it out.

Thanks to Heather for the find.

Photo Credit: tupton

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