2010 iPod Nano owners not forgotten, new features available via Software Update

A refresh to the iPod Nano probably left those with a 2010 model a little upset , as the new features were expected to only be available on the new devices. Luckily though, Apple will be releasing these new features, including the plethora of new Clock Faces as well as the fitness features to owners of the previous generation iPod nano.

Also included in the update is the brand new User Interface, which it turns out is actually optional and can be disabled and swapped for the legacy grid UI right from the settings on the iPod.

The clock faces are an interesting addition here worth noting as well as the 16 new designs. They signify that Apple is paying close attention to how its products are received and used, a move that is typically uncommon in large corporations who prefer to tell you how to use their devices.

Using the iPod nano as a watch became very popular right after the launch of the 6th gen device last year and has really not shown much sign of being a passing fad.

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