Super Mega Worms is pretty much Tremors for your iPhone, so yeah, it’s awesome.

If mother nature had a kraken it would be a Super Mega Worm, and its primary objective would be to wreak as much havoc on mankind as is physically possible, eating cows, mothers with babies, cop cars, and anything else that might be keeping old Mother Nature down. Can we get a “Nom! Nom!”

The game is probably as straightforward as they come: one button for a super boost, and one slider to control your directions. Your primary objective is to fly around beneath the earth’s surface until you see flesh above your head, then you emerge, without notice, mouth agape, ready to eat some people, all in glorious 8-bit goodness. Carnage never looked so good at such a low bit level.

The premise of the game is that Mother Earth has grown tired of humanity’s littering ways, and decides it’s time to release the monster. At first your Super Mega Worm is pretty lame, and can barely get enough air for a sneak attack on the humans from above, but after levelling, you’ll realize that your worm not only grows in strength, but that the game actually gets a lot more fun. If you hope to unlock as much fun as this game has to offer, you’re going to have to be ready to wait a little bit. The levelling seems a little off, and it takes a while before you unlock your first new ability, but if you can stick it out, and not go all A.D.D on us, it’ll be worth your time investment. After all, where else are you going to see a giant worm spitting worm venom at women pushing baby carriages?

What’s Macgasmic?

It’s a Tremors video game. We should haven’t to say much more than that, but we will anyway. The game mechanics are simple, the game isn’t overly complicated, and it provides what seems like an endless amount of carnage. It’s as fun as Canabalt, and it provides endless entertainment. You just can’t get enough of it. Trust me, it eats away at your time.

What needs work

Evening out the level ups would be nice, and a small tutorial during the load screen would help a little bit, too. It took us a while to figure out that eating birds and cows would provide us with enough energy to keep on eating people. So keep that in mind while you’re wasting time trying to eat all the policemen without getting shot.

In Short

This $0.99 application has provided quite a bit of fun over the last couple of weeks. While I’m often reluctant to provide a recommendation based on price, this game is worth the dollar. Heck, I’d pay another two or three for it on the App Store.

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