Masters iPhone App: Tiger’s Not the Only Thing To Gawk Over

Today marks the start of the 2010 Masters in the sport of golf. What makes today even bigger is the return of the living legend: Tiger Woods. While every spectator is intrigued with his highly anticipated return, you should all turn your eyes to the iPhone app specifically for this prestigious tournament sponsored by IBM. Out of the many apps I’ve reviewed, this is definitely one of the best!

What You Can Expect

Whether you’re on an AT&T network or straight up Wi-Fi, you can access this apps full potential. From live video and radio coverage to course overviews and up to date leader boards, you’ll have trouble missing a single beat during the next couple of days. With the media on a frenzy looking to cover every single bead of sweat on Tiger’s brow, you’ll luck out with this apps unbiased coverage. Just alone, the news coverage leading up to day 1 has been great. It’ll be astonishing to sit at my desk getting the shot by shot coverage I love to see every year.

The Better Parts About the Application

The highlight of the app is absolutely the live video coverage. While the quality of the video is undetermined (see comments after day 1 of the Master’s) you can just smile at the thought of carrying the course with you anywhere you go. The video isn’t exactly like you’d see on TV as with this you’re able to capture specific holes, featured groups, and more. You control what you like to see, even the player interviews.

Looking to the Future

As I mentioned, this is definitely one of THE BEST apps I’ve ever come across. Some things to focus on are definitely the integration between the app and website for the Master’s. After checking out both of them, you can see they offer the same features. If they offered specials for either or, you could generate more interest in each of the products. It’d also be a cool feature to have contests or a “fantasy golf” type option on the app so that you can try to guess the finishes of each player. But for now, the app is a stand-alone awesome treat for free on the iTunes App Store!

The Just of It

The app is great. That’s plain and simple. For any golf fan with an iPhone or iPod touch, you really NEED this app. You need it even if you’ve taken the weekend off to watch every hole. You’ll get great coverage on TV, but you’ll get even more with this app. If you love golf and love the price of FREE, then this is an app for you!

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