Mailplane 2.0 Released – still love/hate?

My past with Mailplane has been checkered and very love/hate. I’m not the only one either. A lot of people swear by it, and a couple more people swear at it constantly. Personally, I don’t use my GMail accounts enough to warrant using it anymore, but I know a lot of you do. I love the concept, and love how it works, so if I get around to using gmail frequently I’ll probably give it another go.

The update includes:

key shortcuts, advanced account notifications, a “œdo not disturb” mode and a simpler way to add attachments. The update also allows switching from multiple accounts without having to sign-in and sign-out repeatedly, and adds a Mailplane URL function that can be used to access searches and conversations from applications.

It’s not free, but $25.00 is quite the lucrative price point. On second thought, I think it’s time I give this little program another kick at the can. Stay tuned for quick review… at some point in the future.

[via MacNN]