MacTracker – A peek inside our old friends.

    MacTracker provides detailed specifications for every model of computer and device that Apple has released. And I think it’s great.

    Over the last year or so, I’ve started my very own classic Mac Collection. I’ve amassed a Classic(with carrying case), 2 Mac SE’s, a Powerbook 520(the very first laptop with a trackpad!) and the jewel of my collection a Newton H1000. Along with a G3 tower(with the flip down side), a G4 tower(flip down side) and an iMac G4(half-basketball, crane-neck).

    For any one of these wonderful beasts I can find all the original specs, maximum OS, and original price. I can even play their start-up AND death sounds.

    If you’re a Mac enthusiast, looking to upgrade, want a walk through the past or to find out about some of Apple’s more obscure products; check out MacTracker.

    I just found out Apple made a digital camera. In 1992.

    MacTracker is freeware but a donation is appreciated. Thanks to Ian Page for this great program and all his contributers.

    Basically, I'm a Mac Nerd. Love using them, learning them and collecting them.