Macgasmagram Friday: WALL-EEEEEE, Evaaaaaa

Vinyl graphics are one of the easiest ways to add personality to your Apple products without damaging its future value. Looks like Adam Matzinger (Instagram user adamskott) got himself some sweet Disney vinyl for his MacBook Pro. Thank you for tagging your adorable pic with #macgasm Adam! If you want some WALL-E and Eva vinyl for your MacBook Pro I found an Etsy seller with lots of options.

Do you want to be a photographer or just play one on the web? Here’s your chance! Tag the beauty shots of your Apple gear with #macgasm on Instagram. Each week we select one lucky participant to be featured on Macgasmagram Friday. Get creative. You just need to have the #macgasm in the comments section of your Instagram photo to qualify. Tune in on Fridays (like you ever miss a post, right?) and see if you have what it takes to be featured. Good luck and happy snapping.

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