Macgasmagram Friday: Early Bird

 One of the most amazing things I see daily is the range of ages that can pick up the iPad and just use it. From tiny toddlers to a 90 year old lady. While that may make the iPad sound like a simple device, it really just means it has a ton of range. I shouldn’t leave out the teenagers who become instant DJs mixing music on the fly in my store. The interface makes it simple. The apps make it amazing. Thank you Kevin Cray for sharing your cute little toddler with us on Instagram!

Do you want to be a photographer or just play one on the web? Here’s your chance! Tag the beauty shots of your Apple gear with #macgasm on Instagram. Each week we select one lucky participant to be featured on Macgasmagram Friday. Get creative. You just need to have the #macgasm in the comments section of your Instagram photo to qualify. Tune in on Fridays (like you ever miss a post, right?) and see if you have what it takes to be featured. Good luck and happy snapping.

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