Macgasm weekly rewind: September 19th Edition

The Macgasm weekly rewind focuses on our original content and reviews that you may have missed the week starting September 19th.

Happy Saturday my little geeklets, how is everyone doing? Need something to do tonight? Look no further, I’ve got some hot reads for you. On the softer side of geek we have Susan’s review of the iNecklace, this season’s must have girly geek accessory! Joshua reviews Songsterr for the iPad. He also shows us how to get MSN chat into your iChat with Cocoon. Joshua was busy this week as he also brought to our attention some sweet glowing Apple speakers for the iPhone. Corey brought us another cool iPhone accessory, an alarm clock “toaster”. Josh W. brings us what he has dubbed the “sexiest GTD app to date”. Joshua and Eugene teamed up for this week’s audio podcast. Then I dig deep into our Macgasm Flickr pool and find you some well preserved clamshell iBooks. Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you tomorrow with this weeks top posts.

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