Macgasm Friday: Valentine’s Week

We here at Macgasm approach fruit of Cupertino with Cupid’s arrow perpetually lodged in our collective ass, but for you we’ll do our best to limit official observation of the good Saint Valentine’s day to just a week.

And this here is the Valentine’s week in review.

New weekly feature at goes AWOL “” I was called into Josh’s office early this week and received my first written warning. One more strike against me and I’m given a company iPAQ. Most importantly, though, my sincerest apologies to you, the reader, for causing you undue detox. Come, drink again from the intoxicating fountain that is Macgasm Friday.

I can haz RAW? “” I own Aperture. I rarely use it, but I’m familiar with its benefits. Will I buy Aperture 2? Eh, I don’t know. (I’d so totally heart a demo copy, though, Steve.) Aperture 2 boasts “over 100″³ new features since the first go-round; at the heart of the new features is RAW image processing, allowing you to fine tune your camera’s image profile. Also of note: Aperture 2 is only a $99 upgrade for current Aperture users “” well, legal users I’d presume. (Link)

And now a note on how I can correctly read a press release “” As Cupertino promised and as I correctly interpreted, Apple TV Take 2 finally dropped within two weeks of that presser from January 30. Plenty of spots have their own walk-through up, and I don’t own an Apple TV, so I’m purposefully remiss in touting the shiny newness of the upgrade; I just trust that Cupertino righted the wrongs from its first go with ATV. (Link, with a chuckle)

Software, natch “” This week brought updates for Skype (link) and Office 2004 for Mac (link). The Skype update still lacks in allowing us the same control as Windows users of Skype “” read, complete audio control sans need for simple hacking. The Office update fixes some issues with Entourage.

Appleâ„¢ “” Already renown for their fantastic computers, PMPs, mobile phones, and mediocre-at-best set-top media receivers, Apple’s now filed to protect their name when it comes to hand-held gaming devices. Your humble author refuses to speculate on what this means, but he has put down a fat deposit at on i[insert gaming-related noun here]. I’d love for you to tell me your thoughts on this. Comment me, yo! (Link)

Tips are welcome. Hit me at chris(at) Until next week, friends”¦