Macgasm #005

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Hosted by: Grant Brunner & Josh Schnell

Show notes after the jump.


  1. VirtueDesktops until Leopard ships. GB
  2. Papers… get those academic pdf’s in order!!! (ohh the bliss! 44.01 CAD) Versus EndNote ($239.95 XD)JS
  3. MacFusion is a handy tool for mounting all kinds of new things on your Mac. GB
  4. Fugu… Secure FTP transfers, Secure Copy Transfer… Transfer of SSH… Free… as in FREE! Its actually just a front end, and all this can be done in the Terminal! JS
  5. This Photoshop CS3 plug-in from Adobe allows you to pull 3D models from Google right into Photoshop. GB
  6. Geektool is a great application that helps you by keeping important things on your desktop. JS
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