Mac OS X app codes available

Apple has added a new feature for their Mac developers that is already available for iOS developers: App Store codes.

Apple has informed developers that Mac App Store applications can now generate up to 50 codes for each version of an application. Just as with iOS, this can be very useful for advertising purposes, in particular by allowing developers to give their apps to reviewers. These codes weren’t available at the launch of the Mac App Store last month.

The second mention within the note to developers is that crash logs are available. Crash logs are logs sent to Apple by users when an application crashes. These logs allow developers to determine what may be causing their application to crash on user devices. Something that I don’t get is why these were not available from the beginning. I can see why Mac App Store codes may not have been available, but crash logs are critical for developers.

If you’re a developer, get out there and use those coupon codes to generate some buzz for your applications.

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