New Mac Mini?

The Internets have been a flutter over the last few days with what may be the next revision to the Mac Mini line.

On Thursday, MacRumors posted an image from their forums that one of their users purported to be the next Mac Mini, the most noticeable revision was the addition of a fifth USB port and the replacement of the DVI connector with a mini-DVI and mini-DisplayPort.

Later that day, a 9t05Mac reader posted an image which was manipulated to show the effects of Photoshop or other editing software. This analysis declared the image fake for a variety of reason.

On Friday afternoon the source of the image posted a video of the device. The video is simply someone’s hand spinning the Mac Mini slowly.

The rumored specifications are to be similar to the Macbook, as is usual with the Mac Mini;

Intel Core 2 Duo


3MB L2 Cache

2gb DDR3 RAM

Superdrive with SATA connection

The MacRumors thread is still going strong and I will keep you updated with the outcome. Hopefully we will see this or a similar revision to the line in the next few months; it has been almost two years since the last Mac Mini update and the specs are understandably lagging.

Thanks to AppleInsider and MacRumors.

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