You Can Now Get Your RSS Button Back In Safari 6.0 With This Extension

With Apple removing the RSS button in Safari 6.0, it was only a matter of time until one of the community’s awesome developers figured out a way to bring the functionality back to the application. Daniel Jalkut, the guy behind MarsEdit, has built a Safari Extension that recreates the RSS button functionality.

Daniel Jalkut on the RSS button disappearing act:

The motivation behind my foray into Safari extension development was my early adoption of Safari 6 during the beta phase. I noticed they had removed the long-standing, built-in “RSS” button near the URL bar. This button makes it easy to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed for a blog, or any other site that offers such a feed.

If a website has an RSS or Atom feed, the button can be clicked to open the RSS feed, and redirect you to your RSS reader application of choice.

For the record, Jalkut is referring to the plugin as a “beta-quality” plugin. So, with that, you should probably expect some possible snafus along the way. However, I haven’t had any problems with it just yet.

You can download the plugin from Jalkut’s website.

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