Wish Your iMac Were Touchscreen? Apparently, Now It Can Be With Zorro Macsk

Love the big screen of your Mac and the touch capabilities of the iPad? Well, now you can have both with Zorro Macsk, a device that you connect to your iMac and, like magic, it gives your desktop computer touchscreen capabilities.

Created by TMD Touch, the Zorro Macsk is designed to work with 21.5-inch iMacs and features an aluminum frame that secures to the front of your iMac and is then connected to the computer with a USB port. When connected to the USB port, the device uses infrared technology to turn the normal display screen into a touchscreen.

The manufacturer of the device claims that the Zorro Macsk supports most finger gestures, like swipe, scrolling, clicking, and pinching. The aluminum frame is available in differenct colors, including black, silver, white, pink, blue, and green and has a circular opening for the Apple logo. The device also has cut outs for the camera and a camera activity indicator.

So if you want to turn your iMac into a touchscreen, you can get the Zorro Macsk on Amazon now for $199.

Source: Lumiaview via everythingUSB via SlashGear
Image Credit: Lumiaview

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