Wasteland 2 Earns Over Three Million Dollars In Crowd Funding


Kickstarter has been a huge boon to the gaming industry in the past couple of months. Starting with the incredible success of Double Fine Adventure, many others followed. As of today, the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter project closed at $2,933,147 USD with an additional $107,152 USD in funding through Paypal. That means that Wasteland 2 raised a total of $3,040,299 USD for their game to be made.

At the $2.1 million mark, Obsidian came on board to add design help thanks to their Chief Creative Officer Chris Avellone. At $2.5 million, they promised to bring in more level designers to increase the size of the game and the amount of polish each level has. At the $3 million mark, they will be adding a mod kit to the game that will allow anyone to tweak the game and add levels at will.

We’re incredibly happy to see these indie titles not only meeting their funding goals, but exceeding them. Shadowrun Returns is currently at about 300% funding with 11 more days to go. Leisure Suit Larry is at 72% funded with 14 days to go, and Republique is at 14% funding with 24 days to go. If you want to help more great games come to OS X and iOS, Kickstarter is the place to go.

Source: Wasteland Forum


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