VLC 2.0 to ship this week with Blu-Ray support and a new UI

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VLC, the popular open source media player, will be hitting the 2.0 release this week, and with it comes some significant UI changes.

VLC 2.0’s interface for Mac is dramatically different from its previous revision, both technically and usage-wise. Playlist and video output share the same window, service discovery modules can be easily accessed through a sidebar and various audio + video filters are available through the respective panels. Besides that, the interface is noticeably faster and easily expandable. Speaking of that, we also added support for VLC’s lua-based extensions, which allow you to get info about the current movie from Allociné, post to Twitter, fetch subtitles automatically, etc.

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Better yet, it will ship with Blu-Ray support. Now hold your horses, partner. Don’t go thinking you’re going to be able to just go buy a Blu-Ray drive, pop in a disc, and play it on your Mac. No, no. This update supports unencrypted Blu-Rays. Your commercial disc filled to the brim with DRM will still require either a Windows playback or a DRM-cracking process. It’s slightly disappointing, I know, but it is a step in the right direction.

Are you excited about this significant update to VLC for OS X? What are your thoughts about the brand new interface? Let us know by hitting us up on Twitter. Our handle is @macgasm, and we love to hear from readers. Don’t hesitate to give us your thoughts on the matter.

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