VLC 2.0.2 Adds Retina Display Support

VLC, a popular video player for Mac, PC and now Android, has recently been updated to support the MacBook Pro’s Retina display. They have also updated the application to allow viewing of 4K video as well as crisper viewing when your VLC window is scaled down. Finally, VLC has also removed the font cache causing faster loading times while still loading all of your fonts.

VLC has even updated the application to work better with PowerPC Macs that are using ATI graphics cards. If you would like to view the full list of changes, head over to VLC’s website for more info.

If you’re unaware, VLC is a cross platform media viewing application that accepts almost any video codec you throw at it. VLC is also free, so it makes for an excellent competitor to Quicktime for Mac users. You can also use VLC to play CDs and DVDs on your Mac.

Source: VLC Changelog via Engadget
Image Credit: pittaya

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