Twelve South Launches HiRise for MacBook

If you’ve been reading our site for a while, you’re probably aware that we have a long-standing love affair going on with Twelve South. Today that love affair just got little bit deeper — Twelve South has just released the HiRise For MacBook.

The HiRise for MacBook gets your notebook off your desk and onto a stand that’s fully adjustable, and aims to level your Macbook (big and small) with your Cinema display. The stand can also be used on its own to prop up your notebook on a desk so you can use a keyboard and eliminate the neck strain that’s associated with being hunched over your laptop all day long while at a desk.

We’re gonna have a first look video up shortly on the HiRise for MacBook, but until then we should probably warn you, the V shaped part is actually the place where your MacBook rests. I made the mistake of skipping the instructions. The end result was my MacBook crashing directly onto my comfy chair, thank god. Idiot move on my part.

The stand actually holds my MacBook Air perfectly when used properly. The HiRise for MacBook costs $69.99 and is available directly from the Twelve South website.

We’re not really sure who Twelve South hires to come up with these things, but man, they keep releasing fantastic product after fantastic product. It’s pretty much all hits, no misses. Considering how grumpy we are here at Macgasm, that’s a HUGE accomplishment. Props to Twelve South.

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