Tweetbot For OS X On The Way


Tapbots is well known for their beautiful software. Specifically, Tweetbot has been a gargantuan success on the iPhone and iPad. Not only is the UI best of class, but it also offers value-added features that make the Twitter experience much better — like muting people and keywords. Unfortunately, the desktop space isn’t quite as rich with Twitter client love. Fans of the Tweetbot iOS apps have been clamoring for an OS X version for quite a while now, and today we got a confirmation from a photo attached to a tweet from Mark Jaradine.

To be fair, the project hasn’t exactly been a secret. Other Tapbots devs have been seen with Tweetbot for Mac metadata attached to their tweets recently, and it’s truly the logical next step. We’re very excited to be able to use Tweetbot for Mac, and we’re even more excited to dump the official Twitter client.

Are you excited? What features from the iOS apps are you most looking forward to having on the desktop? Sound off by leaving a comment below this post.

Source: Mark Jaradine, Tapbots Designer

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