Tweet Tweet! Big Twitter for Mac update available


If you are a user of Twitter for Mac, you might want to open the App Store because Twitter just released a new version of their official Mac client.

The update brings a bunch of great new features as well as some design changes to the main window, the direct message conversation list and the user profile. We have a complete list of all the new features and screenshots for you right after the break.

Twitter for Mac 2.1 comes with the following new features and improvements:

  • Multi-window support
  • Username and hashtag autocomplete
  • Improved display of links
  • New window design
  • New user profile design
  • New Message conversation design
  • Font size preferences
  • AppleScript support
  • Sticky Live Stream preferences
  • Developer Console
  • Performance improvements, enhancements and bug fixes

Some of the things on that list show that Loren Brichter and his team of developers listened to the feedback of a lot of users. The redesigned window gets rid of the much criticized custom menu bar the app used to have before, and goes back to the classic Mac OS X design that Apple describes in its “Human Interface Guidelines.”

Other long awaited features Twitter introduces with this update are the font size preferences, the multi-window support, which gives you the ability to open individual sections of the app in separate windows (so, now you can have a window for your timeline, one for your @replies, one for each of your lists, and so on) and a developer console, which lets developers directly interact with the code of the app.

The free update is available in the Updates section of your Mac App Store.