The ModBook Returns, Starts At $3,499

The ModBook, a MacBook that is professionally converted into an OS X powered tablet, will be making its return five years after the project was halted. The folks at ModBook have just revealed their latest creation, and it’s pretty sweet. They’ll be taking a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro and adding a Wacom-powered touchscreen with 512 different pressure points to it. The laptop will also lose its keyboard, trackpad and DVD drive as well. These laptops will also be equipped with SSDs with capacities ranging from 64GB to 480GB, so you can be sure that your creative apps will load with ease.

So, how much will all of this cost you? The ModBook is going up for preorder today and it’s set to be delivered next month. If you preorder the ModBook now, you can expect to pay $3,499 for a base model with a $500 down payment. If you need to, you can also upgrade your ModBook’s RAM, SSD and CPU options as well. And while this may seem expensive to the average Mac user, most buyers will be using the computer for professional creative work, so it will pay off over time. Right?

Source: ModBook

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