Spring cleaning means sales on Boinx Software

For those of us who have an uncontrollable love for media creation and editing, there’s a sale going on right now for Boinx Home products. For $9.99 USD on the Mac App Store, you can get iStopMotion Home, FotoMagico Home, or BoinxTV Home. The sale ends tomorrow, so if you’re debating with yourself whether or not to get this, you better think quick.

Boinx is known for putting out apps that go far and beyond our expectations while still maintaining the elegance of an Apple application. It brings users into a field where they can create news and exciting things while still understanding how the software is destined to be used. Other bundles package up random software that most wouldn’t use unless it were free or don’t give you great deals, like 80% off. A deal like this is something most wouldn’t pass on, especially from a company with such grace as Boinx.

The products offer nice ways to edit movies, slow them down, add filers to photos, and even make yourself the star of a video, if you so desire. We’ll be checking out these massive 80% off sales, and if you’re into media, regardless of what kind, I’d suggest you do too.

Article Via TUAW

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