Sparrow gets bumped to version 1.1

Everyone’s favorite 3rd-party Gmail client for Mac just got a huge update. It now supports MobileMe and other IMAP accounts. The app also picked up several UI updates — including trackpad gesture support.

Version 1.2 is expected to add support for custom folder mapping and the ability to show favorite folders in the sidebar.

The full feature list for 1.1 is after the jump.

  • General IMAP support: you can now use Gmail, Mobile Me, Yahoo, AOL and any custom IMAP account you want with Sparrow
  • Priority Inbox: all the power of Gmail’s Priority Inbox is now integrated straight in Sparrow
  • Unread View: a dedicated view to browse your unread mails.
  • Per Alias signature: you can now have a signature for each of your avatars
  • Formatting bar: choose your font, font size, text color, quote level and more directly from the compose window
  • Minimal mode: allows you to hide the message previews in the message list
  • Multitouch gestures
  • Contact group support
  • Gravatar support

Article Via Ars Technica

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