Sandy Bridge Mac Pros and Mac minis coming this August?

In a series of tweets, blogger Brian Tong claims that his sources told him that “all new” Mac minis and Mac Pros are coming in late July or early August. These new machines will feature Sandy Bridge processors and come with Thunderbolt ports, as well as Mac OS X Lion as their pre-installed OS.

The refreshment would follow the update of the iMacs earlier this year and complement the rumors/reports that the MacBook Air will also receive a similar update later this month. If this comes true, all of Apple’s computers would feature the new Thunderbolt technology.

Tong correctly predicted iMac updates months before they were officially announced by Apple, citing the same sources. This means that his new predictions are most likely not just some random tweets, but are probably based on some serious insider information.

A late July or early August release of new Mac hardware shipping with Lion fits perfectly into Apple’s plans to release the new Mac OS in July this year.

Article Via MacStories
Photo Credit: CM Harrington via iDesk

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