Safari, Chrome Offer High-Resolution CSS Support

Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari browser will now offer support for high-resolution CSS code. This code allows users of high-density displays (like the Retina display MacBook Pro) to receive high-resolution webpages automatically, and users of lower-resolution displays to load the standard images. This CSS code also factors in the viewer’s bandwidth to optimize his or her viewing experience on these high-end screens. And while this all sounds great, adoption of this new CSS code all depends on developers. As of now, we don’t have word on when other browsers such as FireFox will be updated.

Personally, I’m relieved that this new piece of CSS code is being supported by mainstream browsers early on, as it will give developers time to prepare their websites for the upcoming Retina upgrade to the rest of the Mac lineup. We can only hope that developers implement this code as fast as possible so they can beat the next Mac refresh, but only time will tell.

In the comments, let us know if you plan on upgrading to a Retina Mac or already own a MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Source: Cloud Four Blog  via Webmonkey via The Verge
Image Credit: LJR.MIKE

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