Rumor: Siri And Maps Coming To OS X 10.9?

Those who have been waiting to ask Siri important questions such as “What is Inception about?” from the comfort of their computers may not have to wait much longer. 9to5Mac claims that a trusted source has told them the iOS exclusive feature will be making their way to OS X’s upcoming update. The source also claims that Apple’s Maps will be coming to the OS in some form. Whether this is an actual dedicated Maps app or just an API to help developers create apps remains unknown.

The decision to bring Siri to OS X would certainly be a smart one for Apple. While the feature may not be as useful as it would be on a phone, the massive amount of new users trying out Siri would be beneficial to improving the service. The more people use Siri, the more information Apple collects on how the features are being used, giving them valuable insights on how to make it better. This means that bringing Siri to OS X will help make Siri better for all users on both iOS and OS X platforms.

With speculation circulating that Apple’s goal down the line is to merge iOS and OS X entirely, beginner steps such as this seem like a logical choice. While I typically use Siri for nothing more than a bit of drunken entertainment, I think it’s a service that could be significantly improved by having it show up in OS X.

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