Rumor: New MacBook Pros coming as early as Feb. 24th

There are multiple rumors going around the internet today (and last night) about the imminent release of MacBook Pros next week. According to MacRumors, the release of the new MacBook Pros will happen next Thursday, February 24th.

The second part to this rumor comes from Apple Insider, who suggests that the MacBook Pros could be released next week. But, instead of focusing on a release date, Apple Insider is reporting that Apple has asked employees to prepare for a major product announcement ‘as early as’ next week.

At this point it’s pretty obvious that MacBook Pros are on the short list of immediate product announcements. Tracking down a current edition MacBook Pro is no easy task these days. Supply has almost completely dried up. Also leaked on Friday was a report that claims the new MacBook Pro lineup will have five models instead of six.

At this point, anyone betting against a MacBook Pro update would be crazy. We’re not so sure about the release date, considering it would leave Apple with three days to send out an invitation to the press and get them into a conference room. If the MacBook Pro is a major update, it’s not something that Apple would silently update at this point, especially if they’re heralding the update internally as a major product update like the Apple Insider report suggests.

Also, if you’re into the MacBook Pro rumors, you should check out Stephen Hackett’s editorial on the Future of the MacBook Pro.

Article Via MacRumors
Photo Credit: mister_andrik (via iDesk)

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