Rumor Has Retina 13-Inch MacBook Pro Coming In Fall


DigiTimes is reporting that a 13-inch MacBook Pro featuring a Retina-class display is on the way.


As for Apple, the sources pointed out that Apple has demanded its upstream partners start supplying components for the 13-inch model in the third quarter and they have not yet heard anything about changing of schedule. As for when the product will launch, the sources believe the new MacBook Pro will have a chance to launch before October to catch up with the back-to-school season. Apple also did not reduce its shipment forecast for 2012 and is still expecting its notebook shipments to grow 30% on year, the sources pointed out. In 2011, Apple’s portable PC shipments were 12.79 million units, according to IDC. With a forecast of 30% growth, Apple’s MacBook series shipments are expected to reach 16.24 million units in 2012.

While more Retina displays are nice, this isn’t really what Apple dorks are waiting for. A Retina-class Thunderbolt display and a Retina-class MacBook Air would be substantial game changers. The 15-inch and this rumoured 13-inch MacBook Pros are good stepping stones, but they’re not really the good stuff. More importantly, screens supporting incredibly high resolutions means there will be demand for 4K video. Anything that can drive adoption of better looking video is okay in our books.

Source: DigiTimes

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