Rumor: Apple considering a 14-inch MacBook Air for China

It’s long been assumed that Apple is getting ready to refresh the MacBook Air lineup again, with reports ranging from faster machines to the introduction of a new 15-inch version of the MacBook Air. You can now add a 14-inch version of the Air to the rumor mix. Digitimes, citing their usual sources, has reported that Apple is considering a 14-inch MacBook Air for the Chinese PC market.

Digitimes on the 14-inch MacBook Air:

Currently, 14-inch panels are the mainstream specification of the Asia notebook market, while consumers in Western countries prefer 15-inch models. In the global market, 14-inch models have an about 20-25% market share, but in Asia, the market share is about 35-40%, an indication of Asia consumers’ fondness for 14-inch models, the sources noted.

What’s not certain from the report is whether a 14-inch MacBook Air would be released in both China and globally at the same time, or whether the 14-inch Air would just be available in the Asian PC market. 14-inches seems like a weird number, given that Apple has worked with 11, 13, 15, and 17-inch versions of its laptop computers in the past. Does one inch really matter all that much? I mean, if you were heading out to buy a laptop, would the difference between a 13-inch computer or a 14-inch computer really sway your decision all that much? I don’t think it would.

My gut tells me this is a load, but then again, I’ve never been to China.

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